The rate of change

Yesterday I was reading through the business and tech sections of the huffington post. There were so many new stories on new business ideas, new technology, upcoming research, recently funded startups, and product launches from tech giants that I had to stop and take a breath. I realised that there is no possible way to keep up with everything happening in the business world. It was a bit deflating to read it all. I felt out of touch.

With exponential change happening we’ve got to stop trying to keep up. It’s a waste of time. Instead we need to remember no one is responsible for all this innovation, and the only way to be part of any of it, is by focusing on the tiny segment which is right in front of us.


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  1. Sam Sabey

    +1 on that. Like your great post about the once awesome band Midnight Oil.

    As far as my journey is concerned in the energy space, over the past 4 years I have learnt on average of a new startup in the space every 2 weeks or so. That’s 100 new entrants! Some of these have been small things come and go, some have been big Goliaths, one of which has just announced they are going.

    The point is – if I were to obsess and worry about all the other stuff going on, I think it would be negative to the point of inaction. The only alternative I see is to put the blinkers on and soldier on – then pause after milestones have been reached and look around for a little while.

    Competition is verification. But to keep racing means focus and effort.

    The world is a busy place.


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