Component Retail

Brands will start shipping product components and raw materials to stores for to be assembled on site… as part of the retail experience.

The customers will become the theatre at transaction.

The desire to create and customize will conspire to create highly interactive and profitable retail concoction. What we’ve already seen in digital…’A mash up of co-creation and mass customization’… we will inevitably see in retail…. The retailers that survive anyway.


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  1. logbennett

    I have never thought about this before, but I REALLY like the idea! I think it would be really cool to walk into a retail store to purchase something, and then watch the people helping me put it all together right there on the spot. That is one reason that Benihana type restaurants are so popular I think.

    The Green Guerilla

  2. Steve Sammartino

    I’m certain that this will become big in the coming years. It fits all of both the retailer and customers needs:

    – Theatre at transaction
    – Mass customisation
    – Potential for premium pricing
    – Strong Point of difference
    – brings back craftsmanship
    – one size doesn’t fit all


  3. Jack

    I’m with a company that is part of the mass customization movement in particular “one size doesn’t fit all” we’re a dress shirt e commerce ( that gives men the ability to insert their own individual measurements to achieve the best fit possible on a quality dress shirt. The mass-cust movement is coming because consumers are realizing that they don’t have to fit the “small, medium, large” molds companies force us all into.

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