The wealth misconception

People so often begin their adult life (teenage?) chasing financial wealth without even thinking about it. They believe the benefits of money automatically outweigh the costs of its accumulation. That there is no downside,  and that all problems in a world of endless cash flow can be bought out.

It is certain that too much money is a better problem than not enough money. But the overriding misconceptions of wealth are simple:

We only ever have 24 hours a day.

We can only ever eat 3 meals a day.

We can only sleep in 1 bed each night.

No amount of money can change these things, or improve the relationships with those around us. It’s worth remembering this in 2011 before we embark upon a new program of attempting to garner things we might not actually want.

Have a great year, Steve.


2 Comments The wealth misconception

  1. David Coleman

    Hi steve, it is refreshing to see someone taking a step back and looking as small business issues from a more philosophical perspective. I think the best reason to be in business is because of the love you have for what you do. This helps to remove the materialism that can lead to the golden handcuffs phenomenon that so many of us experience.

  2. Steve Sammartino

    Exactly, I think we often aim for more cash as an escape…. but if we reverse our thinking and find something we love, then works doesn’t exist, just what we do. To me this is the ‘high ground’ of any business or enterprise we undertake in life.


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