In business some people are snails. They move slow. They only slide in and out when the conditions are right (it’s wet). They leave a trail of slime behind them. And they are in constant danger of being crushed but others who just didn’t see them. They’re inconsequential. They’re existence seems superfluous even though they must have some kind position within the economic (food) chain.

Snails can’t live in startup land. They’re too dependent on the right conditions, even though Snails can be found in a very wide range of environments, both the human kind (human = government, private industry and SME’s) and the slug kind (slug = ditches, deserts and the abyssal depths of the sea).

Snails don’t build anything or change their enviornment. Instead they hide in the depths of some rich natural environments. Take a small portion of food and hope not to get crushed. There is a bit of snail in all of us and it’s something we must decide to avoid before we start anything important.


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  1. Ian

    What an innovative way to explore the world of business than to pick an animal and look at the human parallels based on the standard views on that animal but what if we look at other aspects.

    As snail are hermaphrodites they don’t need to depend on another sex even for procreation(same or other is fine), they can lay 30 to 50 eggs(how’s your family going?), they also consume their environment not needing external influences to survive so maybe the snail is the ultimate entrepreneurs being totally independent..

    Not only that they are tasty with a garlic and butter sauce according to my experience.

    Great idea for a post 🙂

  2. Donna Amos

    Perfect example of why snails in the human form can not enter the startup world and be innovative. They must feel safe, even if it is an illusion.

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