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I’m currently working on a project with a social enterprise called Abbotsford Biscuits. Which I am proud to be involved with.

Abbotsford Biscuits is a social enterprise that had its genesis back in 2005. It exists to employ people who have been excluded from mainstream training and employment. Abbotsford Biscuits has an ambitious vision of becoming a self sustainable social business over a 3 year period. And I’ve been called in to help make it so. My part will be getting the company involved in digital media and getting people like you (those who care about stuff because it’s worth doing) involved.

First – how good is this tag line:

Second: I’m aiming on for some crowd sourced strategy ideas to supplement what I already have planned. So I’d love some input in the comments.

The current plan includes the following ideas:

  • A loyalty club. Where shareholders get paid in biscuits not money. Where members can get customized gourmet biscuits. Ideas include members own design or company branded biscuits?
  • Fund raising for other organisations utilizing AB products.
  • Customised biscuits for members which can be their own design.
  • Micro financing to support the brand and grow the brand.
  • Access to exclusive events with leading Australian chefs.

But it’s an open book, which could make this project a lot of fun. I’d love some input.

Here’s a couple of pics I took while on premise recently, they look like twitter biscuits!


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  1. Tom

    That tagline is fantastic, and not just for their business, any bakery should think like that.

    I like the idea of edible dividends, but maybe something more like a wine club would be good. I sign up to a dollar amount every month/quarter and I get a box of biscuits… They’d be priced higher than the supermarket (cellar door/wine club v. bottle shop) but I’d still feel I was getting value as it’s something I’d like to have but wouldn’t necessarily go out to buy, and the quality would be good. You could do different $ levels, different mixes – only chocolate, only fruit based things, mixed, chef’s monthly selection…

    Re the fundraising for other organisations: check out the Cadbury offering http://www.fundraising.com.au/

    You could do a “healthier” (in as much as baked goods are healthy), but more local and less corporate offering. Sell them a box of biscuits for $10 (costs you $8 so you still make a profit) – they sell them at $20 for their charity… random numbers but that’s the idea.

  2. Steve Sammartino

    Hey Tom,

    Yeh, that is great verbiage ‘Edible Dividends’ – love it. I am thinking about doing it the way you mention as well sign up for an amount and get the biscuits, as well as other involvement benefits.

    Thanks for the input.

  3. Hunter Dean


    Comment above is great
    Might also consider …

    Some people love xyz biscuits Eg I love Chocolate Afgan’s and ANZAC biscuits
    You cant really get these fresh or decent anywhere that I know of …

    If you had themes like this people who like “x” type of biscuit might have a monthly or fortnightly order of that type?

    You could also use something like this blog to find ideas on what “Kinds of Biscuits” people like most?

    Then have an option to buy gift packs for others eg its a friends birthday and so I order 12 or 24* Afgans & Anzac’s …
    Maybe women like different styles so could have Blue & or Pink gift packs …

    I think Star couriers does deliveries in Melbourne for around $5 per delivery
    Hey we should have another coffee soon to 🙂


  4. TC2

    How about trademarking an exclusive “Karma” Cookie. The recipe and taste is unique and it is targeted for gift occassions or workplaces on set days. It is a single cookie in great packaging that can be mailed easily.

    By buying the Karma cookie people are spreading good Karma through employment and the joy of giving!

    If AB can make it , I will happily buy 200 cookies guaranteed!

  5. leon

    I think the customized biscuits is were the opportunity is. I would think there are a couple of sub markets here.

    1. Weddings – the bonbonaire market is huge – how cool would it be to have customized bride and groom ginger bread men.

    2. Corporates, the concept of logo biscuits appeals.

    But how do you market to these groups – Weddings, well perhaps brisal expos, bridal websites and alike, about you obviously need a section of the website where I could design the biscuit, and get a rough cost to make each quantity of them. Maybe and upload picture to Biscuit design tool.

    Corporates – well that sounds like direct marketing to me.

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