Expertise is hands on

The word expert gets thrown around lot. Everyone’s an expert these days, especially in the technology and media arena. My view on expertise:

Without implementation expertise is just an idea, and ideas are omnipresent.


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  1. Brett Duncan

    Dude – way to take it to the next level with the “ideas are omnipresent” bit. People always celebrate ideas, but I daresay ideas are a dime a dozen. Ideas that get implemented, though, are special.

    So what inspired this? Anything recent?


  2. Steve Sammartino

    No, just that I often hear people asking about where I get ideas from, or that I should do this, or do that with – and what I find is that problem is never a shortage of ideas, rather too few resources to implement them, and or the ability to execute the ideas with excellence or be able to communicate the changes, updates efficiently to my audience.

    In addition, there are free ideas everywhere from to – why not idea borrow? Apple, Google and Microsoft do. Are we entrepreneurs or artists? Are we about revenue or recognition for originality?

    And so I thought this short entry was worth sharing.

    thanks for the comment Brett,

  3. Frank

    Yeah – what Brett said. 🙂

    Seriously – with so much information coming at us, it’s easy to become nothing more than a collector of information. And there’s a big difference between a student of the various schools of thought within plumbing and the “butt crack” who actually knows how to fix my sink.

  4. John

    hiya – here’s a cool but relevant quote I sourcedfrom Design Observer years ago; it really says it like it is:

    “No matter how cool your computer rendering is, no matter how brilliant your essay is, no matter how fabulous your whatever is, if you can’t output it, distribute it, and make it known, it basically doesn’t exist. Orient yourself to output. Schedule output. Output, output, output. Show Me The Output.”

    cheers; john

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