Everything to everyone

We live in a wordy world. It seems there’s a new acronym, piece of business jargon, or self defining adjective emerging every minute of the day. It’s easy to get caught up in the language, the jargon and forget what business and startups are all about:

Building stuff. Buying something for $1 and selling it for $2. Having a laugh along the way.

Keep it simple. Don’t try and be everything to everyone.

With all this in mind I’ll hand over to George Carlin – and yes, this video is worth every second of the 3.56 minutes it takes to watch.



2 Comments Everything to everyone

  1. Mar

    He’s one who could rough you up at times, but there’s no denying his talents and ability there. An entrepreneur in every rights too.

    Keeping things simple can be the most complicated things at times. Thanks for sharing.

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