AI – How to be an Expert

It’s easier than you think…

I’ll start with the good news.

You’re already one.

I am not mincing my words here: expertise is available to anyone who invests the time and experiments with the tools. As I have written, LLMs and generative AI are as easy to use as speaking or typing. However, the real hack isn’t about learning the vagaries of AI, but about learning how to apply your skills to it. To add what you know, think, and imagine to the AI tech stack. This is where the value will be created, and it is available to everyone right now.

The AI experts that win will be those who utilise it in their industry realm in a way other people are not. And they will be rewarded economically for doing so.

Unlock the Brain Power

We’ve just been given the world’s most powerful brain, but most people are being a tad lazy, using it as a grey matter outsourcing tool. Replacing our cognitive effort with its effort. Doing what we did yesterday, with a little more efficiency and polish.

We can do better.Technology History Repeats

We see the same patterns in tech over again. The overriding theme is this:

Early adopters always win.

They invent new opportunities to grow their business and go on new career trajectories.

We saw this with social media. When it arrived we all become the CEO of our personal media corporation. Some jumped at it, and some resisted. And guess what, those who resisted, eventually, reluctantly, came on board anyway. The jumpers won.

And yes, it was confronting to share your ideas on such a public stage. To learn and fail live in front of an audience. But it was worth it for those that did. The most successful utilisations of social media were where people added their insight and ideas to the new forums.

That moment is here again with AI.

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Don’t Wait

The final layer of technological abstraction is being removed. This is the era of natural language processing – where we literally talk to and train AI systems.

We all have an opportunity for radical reinvention of ourselves and our businesses.

But I already know what will happen. The same thing that happened last time….. Most people will just do what they did yesterday, and rue the fact they didn’t get on the wagon earlier.

I’m hoping my readers will instead be those that do.

Keep Thinking,