AI – God Mod

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It used to be debatable which coding language was most valuable. Now, it’s English – or whatever language you prefer. Large Language Models (LLMs) haven’t just given us the ability to get a zillion things done by asking ChatGPT. Now, everyone can code. All we need to know is what to ask the machine to make.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s fine, Steve. I can ask ChatGPT to write me some computer code for a new app or site. But I wouldn’t even know what to do with it or where to put it.”

Refer above.

Just ask ChatGPT how to do that, what the steps are, and how to implement them. Well, that was a few weeks ago, and now it’s even easier than that!

Now we can go God Mode. We can get Agent AIs to do this autonomously. This space is moving so fast – a few weeks is a long time.

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AI Agents Have Arrived

Agent AIs take user input, break it down into many small individual tasks with the help of LLMs, and work through them. Step by step, like any project manager would, only better. The Agent AIs use OpenAI to create, prioritize, and execute what must be done. The main idea behind this is that it creates its own tasks. Each new task it gives itself will be based on the result of previous tasks and a predefined ‘objective’ which you have provided the Agent with. The script then uses natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to iterate through the project based on the set objective. This is seriously impressive. It’s like having a personal employee with a PhD in every subject imaginable, at your disposal, for free.

We are the new Gods.

Currently, the user interfaces (there are already quite a few of these) are a bit clunky and browser-based extensions. But here are a couple of Agent AIs you could experiment with:

Baby AGI




I have a few experiments I’ll be running in the coming weeks which I’ll share here.

Once you have a play with these tools, you’re bound to have an OMG moment. If the task has digital components, it can do them automatically. But even when some real-world physical interaction is required, the Agents will go onto a digital forum and hire the people needed (say a freelancer or a delivery person) to act as their proxy to execute against this physical, real-world requirement. All we need to do is provide them with the logins or payment facilities.

These past few weeks have been a really important time in AI because it is starting to show how fast the recursion is. In other technologies and industrial breakthroughs, the recursive iterations took years. Think how long we had to wait to get from cell phone to smartphone, from the graphical web to democratized social media. Everything took years. But now, these incredibly innovative AI breakthroughs are being measured in weeks and days.

Buckle up and hang on; things are changing fast.

Keep thinking,