Your Own Personal Jarvis

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The AI’s such as ChatGPT, are taking the world by storm. While these are ‘institutional technologies’ we’ve been granted access to, they always trickle down to the domestic level. What’s next will change our personal lives beyond belief.

Within 3-5 years we’ll all have personal AI’s. Your own Jarvis – guiding your life through every – single – moment. A brain extending AI which always serves your needs – not that of a corporation.

It will be more powerful than ChatGPT – because it will be trained on your personal data set.

Teaching Your Own AI 

At the moment, we are training the AI’s as we interact with them. Firstly, through the entire gamut of human experience which has been published on the web for the past 3 decades. And secondly, via our interactions with the AI’s as we query them. These provide valuable feedback loops. Every query and prompt we put into an AI like ChatGPT, makes the AI smarter, as does our revised prompts after each moment of data generation.

It’s a bit like teaching children. The AI observes. Responds, and gets told again – “No, not like that, like this!”. This all has a sense of biomimicry about it.

Once these web enabled AI’s are sufficiently trained on large datasets, they’ll be able to function on much smaller, even micro datasets such as those on our personal devices.

Our own devices are filled with everything that matters to us. We get a new device and transfer that data to the next, and the next, and so on. Most people have a complicated combination of data in cloud storage and on hard drives across their PCs and smart phones. This is increasingly dense and difficult to navigate and retrieve data from.

This data isn’t trivialit is a mirror of our modern lives.

Everything we think, say and do. Everywhere we go and who we are with is recorded on our devices. Think of all our pictures, our videos, our finances, our voices. This will be the next bastion of AI. Just like the computer did, the AI will become personal. We’ll plug in an AI to our devices, it will crawl through all of the data, and take what it has learned from the internet, and be our own generative AI – We’ll all have our own Jarvis. It will think, act and create like us – but be a smarter version.

Democratised Intelligence

IQ is over. There will be no intelligence advantage for anyone. Just like no one really gets a better smart phone. It’s equalised. What will become important however, is the data our own AI will learns from. Those with less personal data and records of their work and their life will be at a disadvantage, because the AI won’t have anything to learn from. This is already evident with ChatGPT.

AI & Personal Brands

If personal brand wasn’t already important, AI just gave everyone who has a digital footprint an advantage – you can now ask it to do work in the style of “You” – but only if the investment has already been made and well published. Personal branding has just moved beyond selling yourself and even ego. To now informing a vital modern day tool – your own AI.

I have written more than 3,000,000 words on this blog over the past 20 years…. and published large amounts of public data, under my name Steve Sammartino. So when I ask ChatGPT to create something in the style of ‘Steve Sammartino’ it really sounds quite like I wrote it. You can see this prompt I did as a test on ChatGPT-4:

You can read what it came up with here. I’d love to know if you think it sounds like me. Just reply email to this post (it comes directly to me).

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While Siri isn’t great, I would be flummoxed if Apple doesn’t arrive with the worlds first personal AI in the the next few years. And if they do, it will change the world more than the iPhone did.

Keep Thinking,

Steve Sammartino