A.I.’s Window of Opportunity

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Remember this iPhone advertisement? – There’s an App for that? – Of course you do. I’m sure you had a number of App ideas that you never got around to making. (we all did)

Then, you saw Apps that were similar. They validated your idea, and made you kick yourself that you didn’t act quicker. Side note: There are very few things in my career that I wish I waited longer to do!

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A moment in time

Untold billions have been made on the back of the smartphone. Some built reputation, some made money, some got sold to Apple and some, even turned into giant global businesses in their own right. Despite starting inside another corporations eco system, as a simple App.

What is happening right now with Artificial Intelligence is a once in a decade tech shift. One in which new fortunes will be made. We saw this with the World Wide Web, when Social Media emerged, and with the Smartphone. It is now that time for democratised AI. Society is about to change. This chart really displays the moment in time which has just arrived.

Each pink block represents the size of opportunity of each technology epoch. Not only are they bigger, they change the world faster, as represented by the increasing vertical leaps in each block. This is exponential technology in action.

At my keynote speeches recently, I’ve been asked what the biggest opportunities emanating out of AI will be….

This is my answer:

It won’t be what you think. The real opportunity with AI, ChatGPT and friends, isn’t doing what you’ve been doing ‘more efficiently’. It’s not about AI absorbing tasks. It will be an unexpected use of the tools. They’ll be an unlock which becomes obvious in hindsight. If we look back at the Smartphone, the biggest unlock was actually the GPS. The ability to locate things and people invented massive businesses. It made Uber, Airbnb and Dating apps possible. Just think about how weird it would’ve sounded if someone said 20 years ago;

‘I think satellites will have a big impact on relationships and marriages. They’ll disrupt bars and alcohol as a way for people to meet.’

It would sound insane, yet here we are. Likewise, it’s early for AI and creative people will uncover new ways to use the technology which we and the creators of the technology don’t foresee. That is the opportunity. And the only way to find the opportunity is to experiment with the tools and let your imagination run wild. Because leveraging technology is never about understanding how it works, and always about to get it to work for you.

It’s an imagination game…. we’ve been handed a platform, it’s time to experiment.

Keep Thinking,