The Rebound – Season 2

Did you miss me? I’ve been busy working on my TV show The Rebound which is now in it’s second season. You can see it on Channel 9 nationally every Saturday at 12.30pm. It’s filled with Sammatron philosophy and soundbites of goodness. We are 4 episodes in – which you can catch up on here. We have another 4 to go. Each episode has a theme and this season we are covering Skills, Design, Story Telling, Pricing, Culture, Growth, Future of Work & Crypto

I thought I’d serve up some of my fav’ bits so far. Stuff you can take to the board room, the bank and get your brain firing.

Skills: The internet is like a giant supermarket – it has all the intellectual nutrition anyone could ever hope for – but it is hidden among junk food for the brain. Here, Tommy and I break this idea down for you. Worth explaining to your kids. Another must see story is the guy who outsourced their job. It might be the greatest career hack of all time!

Design: The most important design principal of all: Design isn’t just how something looks – It’s about flow, how a a system works – or even how to flow through people’s minds. Here Tommy shows us the greatest packaging of all time and uncovers the art of biomimicry. And here I play a game of design based Fail or Scale with Tommy.

Story Telling: Perception is always more profitable than reality. Often we think we are buying products features, when what we are really buying is a story. Here’s the worlds only $500 billion story. And here I deliver a short DM on a concept I call Industrial Tourism.

Pricing: Pricing is a game where we need to experiment. We should be more fluid than we usually are. People don’t expect prices to remain the same – so always remember this when doing business. The Fast Track Hacks segment in this episode is gold. Here, I demonstrate why value is in the mind of the customer – and not the price itself.

Tomorrow’s episode is all about Culture – and it is a cracker. Be sure to tune in and let me know what you think.

Hope you staying safe.

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Keep Thinking,