Make it Real – Write it Down

Things of value need to be held onto and protected. Some things become more valuable the longer we hang onto them, or when we put them to use and unlock their potential. Our thoughts are one of these things.

There’s a good friend I speak to nearly every day. We chat about life, business and technology. We’ve arrived at the conclusion that we come up with our best ideas when bouncing off each other on the phone. One of the phrases we’ve got in the habit of saying to each other is:

“Write that sh*t down”

And we do. We both trade in ideas for a living and we know that writing them down isn’t just a smart hack to remember them – it actually makes them real. It takes something from being ephemeral to existing in the physical world. It’s the first part of getting the idea into the real world – it’s a chasm we must cross.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been keeping a physical journal of tasks, to do lists, people I’ve met, things we discussed, business ideas and technology hacks. It’s now the most important part of my library. I still go back and refer to catch ups I had years ago to review those thoughts. If I’m in a flat spot, I go to them as though they are a collective secret cave filled with conceptual goodness. Many of the ideas I’ve kept in said journals are now part of The Rebound – which you can catch up on here. (our ratings increased 25% since the first week!) 

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts and ideas. Make sure you capture them so they don’t fade into the ether. Your thoughts have you inside them – your personal experiences and perspectives. They are far too valuable to waste. While perhaps only very few of them will might morph into a project, only those that are written down ever will.

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