Talent Matters – COVID-19 series

Work hard at anything and you’ll get results. Work hard on things where you have natural talents and your results will be amazing. Here’s the good news: every single one of us has unique talents. Talents that when uncovered, worked on and combined can give us extraordinary outcomes.

But here’s the trick: we need to find a way to combine what seems like a normal human social gift or proclivity into economics. We need to mash up our gifts with something that has demand in the market place. This is possible for almost everything. I’m not talking about passions either – I’m talking about that thing that just comes a bit easier to you.It can be absolutely anything – communication, creativity, manners, eye for design, diligence, detail orientation, being funny, making people feel good about themselves, working creatively with your hands, organising things, planning, project management, selling the dream…literally anything.

For me, it was speaking – it was what I got in trouble for everyday at school! But once I combined my natural proclivity to share ideas verbally about technology and economics, the market rewarded me. Speaking of which (see what I did there?), here’s my latest effort with #SteveFeed episode 2. – I’d love it if you could leave a comment on Youtube and share it wide – I mean, it’s only the future of our entire species depending on it!

In times like these when things are tough and average just won’t do, we need to dig deep. We need to have the courage and patience to find what we know we are good at, extract our gifts and add them to the work we do. Once we do that, we can achieve much more than we ever thought possible.

– – –

Keep Thinking,