Choose your own Adventure #2 – COVID-19 series

As we enter our second lockdown here in Melbourne, Australia, I thought I’d do my second Choose Your Own Adventure blog post. Here are five things:

(1) This week I was on Charlie Pickering’s The Weekly, interviewed by the hilarious Judith Lucy on All Things Future in crazy 2020. Many people have said it was the first time they’ve ever seen me lost for words. Click here to watch (4 min video)

(2) As you go into ‘iso’ hiding from the ‘rona’, get ‘woke’ with your future! On ABC radio this week I talked about how technology influences language and how quickly it is changing – and how changing the way you speak could drastically improve your future. Listen here (11 min audio)

(3) Wow, Tik Tok is so damn entertaining – it is seriously lots of fun. It’s also a terrific way for a foreign government to hoover up all manner of information about its users – much more than we think. For those who haven’t read the terms and conditions (and that’s nearly everyone!), I was interviewed on Channel 7 National News discussing security risks and the emerging Technology Cold War. Watch here (3 min video)

(4) One of my fave blog posts: 20 things in 20 years – lessons I’ve learned since school. 

(5) My fave ever chill out song. Give it a try if things are getting tough for you. Click here for secret reveal. 

– – –

Keep thinking,