Privacy as a Luxury

Here’s some light entertainment to end the week. Our latest Future Sandwich Now-Soon-Later episode. In this episode we take a look at in big tech’s move to infiltrate our homes (ironically when we are spending more time in them)  Smart speakers, sorry, microphones, smart homes and surveillance capitalism. You’ll learn about the one thing we all used to have, that we’ll have to pay for to get back.

I’d love it if you could subscribe to our Future Sandwich Youtube channel, make a comment (feel free to disagree) and share with someone who has let Big Tech spy on them inside their house! There’s a free Google Nest Mini for the best comment. Oh, before I forget, this was recorded pre Social-Distancing.

I hope you’re all keeping safe, healthy and minimising contact. Just like business, if we do more than we’re asked, we might get a better result, and out of this situation sooner.


P.S. Due to many requests I’m currently writing up how I see the world changing forever post Corona – which I’ll share here at a later date.