Our future depends on showing up

Turning up is way more important for our future than we’d imagine. Maybe it’s 50% of success, maybe much, much more. But showing up isn’t just about attending that event, the gym or night school, it’s really about how it impacts the mind. It gives us a chance to experience what progress feels like and then goes about inventing the belief that we can grow. We realise small consistent investments in ourself really add up over time, especially when most people fail to make any effort. The reason that it creates such an advantage is that is that while every one can, very few people will. Maybe that’s why we call it will power?

Showing up is making uncomfortable phone calls to pitch your ideas.

Showing up is reading the book on that new technology impacting your industry.

Showing up is learning the new skills long after you graduated from school.

Showing up is working that project nights and weekends while others watch cooking shows.

Showing up is supporting the projects of those you care about, helping them.

Showing up is doing more preparation than you need, just in case.

Showing up is doing that thing we know we should…

But mostly showing up teaches us that raw talent matters far less than doing the work. Showing up proves to ourselves that effort goes further than talent and miracles. If there’s ever been a time to show up, it’s when the world changes rapidly and everything is up grabs, like now.

Keep moving, Steve.