The rise of the machines, or not.

John Conner & Katherine Brewster

Tonight, I’m doing some work with the TV on in the back ground. The movie Terminator 3 – the rise of the machines is on. A classic in the series of films which promulgates a human war against our own AI’s. I think it’s a real classic. There is a great line in the film with John Conner when he’s in the van with Kate Brewster explaining the impending apocalypse.

It’s just that, the life you know. All this stuff you take for granted…. it’s not gonna last.

This is true, for all of us, right now. It’s true if AI becomes the threat many smart people say it is, and it is true if such a judgment day never happens.

Nothing is going to last. The future is unknowable, and our participation in it will eventually expire. We shouldn’t take anything for granted. The joy we get in the early formative days in a startup. The wonder of spending time with people we love. The pleasure of modern day living for those lucky enough to enjoy it.

All this stuff and everything that makes life good, it is to be enjoyed like there is no tomorrow.

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PS – this is why I often choose surfing today, vs money next week. Money is a tomorrow proposition. I always take my own advice and drink my own champagne