Do this instead of trying to keep up

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Keeping up these days is impossible. There’s too much new of everything to be on top of it all. More important than that though, it’s a total waste of time. Knowing all the news is not nearly as important as understanding the trajectory. Here;’s a far better plan than trying to keep up: tapping into the best minds out there. A sharp mind can help us think, provide a philosophical framework, and understand the changes that matter in the fields we care about. You’ll also find they become a shortcut – when something is gathering momentum or a big issue drops, they’ll have you covered.

Once you start listening to serious thinkers, you’ll see what they have to say is rarely about what happened moments ago, and more about where we are going and what matters on that journey. Here’s short list of some of the minds I tap into in this wonderful world of access to get you started:

Cory Doctorow

Ray Kurzweil

Seth Godin

Kevin Kelly

Mike Monteiro

Jeremy Rifkin

Tim O’Reilly

Matt Mullenweg

William Gibson

News is disposable. Direction is valuable.