The Paradox of Capitalism

The video below features someone who understand human life, business and technology at such a deep level, I think many people might not believe what he has to say. I’ve read his most recent book – Zero Marginal Cost Society and it below my mind. It will change your life whether you read it or not. So there’s a cheats summary below in video format.

The basic premise is this: New technology is removing the marginal cost from society. That is, the cost of using things. Just look around you. Information is free, energy is on it way to becoming free, and many products are already free – your phone is one good example. It leads Jeremy Rifkin to the insight that capitalism has a fundamental flaw in it – the cost of things gets competed away to zero. He believes that an entire new economic system is about to emerge – In a world where technology is accelerating, this might happen much quicker than we imagine.

Watch this video of Jeremy below on big think, and have your mind blown. Then, have a big think about how it will affect the industry your startup intends on disrupting. Enjoy!