Hello Startup

The Swedish Tourist Association have done something which is kinda genius. They’ve started a new hotline for anyone to call to get information about their country. It’s called Hello Sweden, and here’s the kicker: the calls are taken by random Swedes. I totally love how they trust their people. What an incredible, empowering and newsworthy idea. It took very little tech, a good dose of creativity and a whole lot of courage. You totally should drop what you’re doing and call the number below.

Hello Sweden

And here’s a cool video of the program.

So let’s take this idea to the next step, by stealing it. I’m sure the generous Swedes won’t mind. Why not get your customers / users of your startup be the ones who answer you incoming calls? Sounds too crazy for you I know. But seriously, I’m sure your brand evangelists would love doing it. And if you don’t have any or are scared what they might say, why? What does your startup have to fix before you’d consider it? Surely the goal should be having a business in which you’d trust your customers the same way Sweden trusts its populace?

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