Why trusting your gut, is not really a thing

‘Go with you gut instinct.’

We’ve all said it,done it, advised someone to do it, and sometimes ignored it. It’s a much maligned concept, especially by large organisations which like to believe they operate in a world beyond chance and opinion – which incidentally is very untrue.

But here’s the thing, it’s not your gut. It’s actually your brain. It’s the accumulation of your human experience, stored meta data of similar situations, and the interpretation of these. When your brain tells you things don’t add up, it sends signals to your stomach. It might even make you literally feel sick about things. This is where the ‘gut’ parlance comes from. A big part of it being attributed to the gut, is that it’s a mashed up world of memories. A world which can’t be easily explained. It’s hard to digest, or narrowly frame in words or some company spreadsheet. It’s small pieces life experience painting a picture of the potential situation – a warning of sorts.Sampling & gut instinctThe gut is good. It works with the brain – and the reason you should trust it is that it’s a lot smarter than you think.

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