Webcams, chickens & transparency

In the developed world many people have far more than they need. Sometimes  living in a world of abundance, how it’s made and where it comes from is more important than the product itself. In fact, it becomes the USP. (Unique Selling Proposition)

Eggs are like that. 

Once upon a time it was the size of the egg that counted. The yellow of the yolk, and maybe even the taste. Now, it’s where the chicken resides that really matters. So much so that some smart marketers have live webcams of the egg farm so we can see the chicks happily frolicking around. Just scan the QR code and have a look for yourself, in the supermarket, on your phone.

Free range chooks

For me, it’s a reason to buy. But I’ve never actually bothered to check if it’s real, until I wrote this blog post. Seems pretty real…. but let’s face it, we mostly buy on perception. And there price? Well the cheapest caged eggs sell for $0.40c per 100g, while free range eggs sell for more than $4.00 per 100g. That’s a 10 fold price increase! An unheard of revenue bump for most innovations. Proof that people will pay for the ‘how’ as much as the ‘what’ – it just takes a culture shift, courage and reframing in the mind to what is possible. I imagine the free range program started small at first and scaled upon success.

This is something a lot of industries, brands and foods could do – take us behind the scenes to see what’s really happening. And maybe even improve their margins at the same time. The cost of such an innovation is minuscule – a few hundred dollars for a webcam and some wifi. In an age of transparency think we’ll see this emerge in many forms. To see how things are made, what goes into the process and maybe even how some companies treat their employees. We might even end up asking companies who aren’t prepared to share it what they’ve got top hide?

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