Why champagne is better than dog food


Google became famous for the concept of “dog fooding.” Basically, it is term used when a company ensures its creators use the products they’re building, especially while testing. Dog fooding is also a really good way to show the need for what is being made, while simultaneously evangelising it. “We know it works because we eat our own dog food!”

But here’s my problem – I don’t eat dog food. But I love the concept and practice it myself, especially with my latest startup Sneaky Surf. But yesterday, Dog Fooding was given a new lease of life for me…. I did some work with hacker and chef Kevin Perry and he suggested the following replacement term: We drink our own Champagne!

Now that’s a term I can live with. It also has a far better ring of impending success to it. But what it also does is show the importance and nuance of language. The simplest iterations on what we say can make all the difference. Sometimes the path to success can be as easy as changing two words.

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