Having too many tools is the enemy

New tools vs old tools

A day doesn’t pass without someone we trust telling us to buy, download, acquire or update our browser to include this time saving, life saving, gaming changing tech tool. And sure I get it, there are a lot of cool new tools out there. But here’s something worth thinking about: The carpenter still employs a number of tools which are literally thousands of years old. Their most important tool is probably still a hammer. Sure they’ve taken on some new tech advances like nail guns, but mostly, they make sure a tool earns its place on their tool belt. It needs to make their work and life simpler.

The problem with modern day tools is that they weigh nothing and often cost nothing to acquire. There is no adoption tax.  We end up with more tools than we need, which can fragment our attention.

I’m sure lots of these new tools are better, but unless we are actively seeking a solution, we should probably continue using the hammer.