What's the real objective?

Tuxedo man

While walking down the street I was approached by two people organising a community event. They stopped and said “Hey, do you live here? (yes), Well, we are organising this community event for this Friday, if you’d like to come it would be great. Here’s a flyer with details.”

I told them I’d be out of town that day and I couldn’t make it, and handed back the flyer to them and I said – “Here, take this back and save this flyer for someone else.”  They insisted I take it anyway.

Obviously they’ve decided meeting local people walking around might be a good way to introduce people to the event. And I agree, an old school walk among the locals could be the ideal way. They’ve then decided that flyers would help with details for those who want to come, and again I agree. Problem is, during the execution their objective shifted from getting people to come, to distributing flyers. They didn’t listen to their audience, and in doing so wasted a limited resource (the flyer) on a dead end.

A simple reminder that we should never let ‘the thing’ supersede why it actually exists.

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