The competitors you never knew you had

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You may not be in the search business, the hardware game, social media or logistics. Yet, we all compete with Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon or GAFA, as they are becoming known. We compete with them on the new set of expectations that everyone has. People expect to find what they are looking for on page one. People expect hardware that doesn’t need an instruction manual. People expect to be able to find and connect with everyone on your platform and people expect pain free reliable logistics.

There are many levels of competition, and one that we often forget is comparative expectations. The benchmark has been raised. While what our startup offers might be better than the alternative, it’ll also probably be compared against worlds best practice.

It does mean we have to raise our game. But what we should never forget is that perfection is an illusion. It’s still possible to improve our game after we’ve already started.

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