Advertising is tax for the boring

But this product, ‘Lily‘ got to me for free,  no advertising was required. What is particularly interesting about this product is the little iterations which make a giant difference. There’s a zillion drones for sale, and we all love the footage they create, but I’ve yet felt compelled enough to buy one, until now. Two things stood out for me:

  1. It follows you around – it makes it easy to get the images you want.
  2. It’s water proof – which means I can take it surfing.

A mate of mine was raving about it, and I was thankful he introduced me to it. It was a gift of understanding. The price? Yep, that’s much higher too, around $1000 retail, but when a product goes just a little further to solve problems, the margins tend to stretch a lot further. It has already has sales above $35 million in pre-orders and becomes available  for shipping mid year.

A mother reminder for startups, if we be just that little bit more to our audience, they might just pay a lot more for the trouble we went to. Something we should all give a try.

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