How to write an epic blog post


Just write a non-epic blog post everyday. Then with the frequency of non-epic, continuous blogging, eventually an epic one will sneak through without permission. It will just arrive.  The reason that it will inevitably arrive, is that the law of large numbers sets in. If we have a high frequency of doing anything, then outliers have a chance of appearing. In this case, the blog post.

But there are some other things that happen too. Because we are no longer obsessing with writing something worthy, then the fear that goes with perfection evaporates. It’s just another post on a another day. And each day when we do a thing again, and again and again, we get better at the that thing (blogging in this case) without even noticing.

In fact, if you want to do an epic anything, then doing that thing as often as possible is probably the best strategy we could employ.

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