The life success list you'll never read elsewhere

An empty life

I’m so sick of reading about ‘What billionaires do before breakfast’ and other success related click bait, that I thought I’d write my own click bait heading, but then write a post with answers you didn’t actually expect. And by the way, WTF is the point of being a billionaire or CEO, if you get up at 4.30am to do your personal trainer gym session before you beat every other cubicle dweller to the office before the sun comes up. Gimme a break.

So here it is, from the Sammatron – in no particular order, my top 14 things – the real life success indicators that Business Insider and Mashable haven’t got the guts to publish:

  1. Deciding whether or not you can be bothered shaving, regardless of what is on that day.
  2. Your ability to avoid traffic jams at will and organise you life around peak hours.
  3. Being able to work the hours you choose in a day, not the 9-5 design of the industrial dawn.
  4. The ability to wear what you want to work, because your work is valued more than the cut of your cloth.
  5. Having enjoyable past times that cost little to undertake.
  6. Your best friends also happen to be your family members.
  7. You know that time is the ultimate asset, not zeros in a bank account.
  8. You know that saving more than you earn is far more important than how much you actually earn.
  9. You know that life without a mortgage (an engagement until death) is more important than your postcode & size of your dwelling.
  10. Being able to choose where you want to live – not where your industry is.
  11. You put work behind family, health, and exercise.
  12. Having the guts to stop doing work you dislike, regardless of the short term economic cost.
  13. Understanding that economics is far less important than relationships, family, mental well being and pretty much anything you can think of once you can feed yourself and have somewhere safe to sleep at night.
  14. BONUS – you don’t confuse School with Education. The later is greater than the former.


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