Why Snapchat will replace my twitter feed

I’ve been experimenting with Snapchat recently. I think the channel has come a long way. The Brand Stories are very good indeed. Fast paced way to engage people with a news feed which lasts 24 hours. I’ve also found that it has a lot of similarities to Twitter – and I feel like it might be my new go to feed:

Short stories, follow people and things you care about, topic specific, idea bursts, irreverent, live, visceral and disposable, geo centric, good for business or personal use.  All with the added ability to brand build, connect and sell.

I’m doing short snippets each day now in the my story segment. It’s a bit like my twitter feed with insights on technology, culture and commerce. You can follow me here using my Snap Code:

Sammartino on Snapchat

While we might like certain formats in life (I loved twitter) the tools change. It’s not our job to predict what’s next, but to adapt to our new world as it changes. I was a bit unsure about Snapchat early on, but I like use this misidentified Keynes quote when it comes to business: When the facts change, I change my mind!

If you’re not sure on the UX for Snapchat – then this article is a very good ‘how to use’ reference guide. Come share ideas with me on Snapchat.

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