The Blue Ocean of January

Perfect blue ocean

You might have heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy. A business book which ascribes the benefit of competing in a space where less competitors exist. Which, sometimes means people think than selling plastic fur balls for imaginary internet cats is a good idea. But it generally means find a market that’s valid, but has been ignored.

Here’s another way to view it: Thought the time lens. 

I started work a bit earlier than usual this year. I usually take all of December and January off. But this year I got busy early. You might have noticed my blog frequency is now daily. And here’s the thing I noticed; January (read holiday periods) are filled with opportunity, because the business community ocean is blue. There’s less noise and interruption to those who are working. I cut a couple of important deals, got lots of momentum with my new startup Sneaky Surf and I am close to a green light on one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on. Big props to the Chunky Media folks for giving me an early year push.

The blue ocean isn’t just what we make or where we sell it, it can also be the time of day or year we get it done.

You should totally read my book – The Great Fragmentation.