Going the distance – startup style

cliff edge

When it comes to business there are two distances we can travel. A little to far or not far enough. We can push just a little too far and suffer the consequences of exceeding the limit. We can not push hard enough and die wondering what could have been. So which ought we choose?

We should choose both. It’s more the order that matters. If we want to iterate and ultimately stay in the game, then should not push too far, but keep on pushing, a little further, a little further and invest more as we learn more. If we do this we can find out what the limit is before we cross it. Maybe we can get to it and achieve the outcome. If we push the limit from the start, we might just go over a cliff and never get the chance to try again.

Of course should aim is to find out what the limits are, but there are smarter ways than going all in to see what is over the edge.