Getting paid with Mike Monteiro

I feel like marketing is more about design than it is about product. When I say this I’m really talking about the ability to make. In the TV Industrial era the hard bit was making. But we all have the ability to make today. Now it’s about the ability to design thoughtfully what is made. We all have access to distribution, manufacturing, ecommerce and the formally restricted tools of business. And so this means that designing the product, user flow, supply chain and customer interactions are really the hard part of what we do.

We are all designers now. It’s time to start thinking like a designer. 

With that comes certain challenges. Design is a trade. It’s not some flunky creative hit and miss process. It’s a bit like being a doctor – diagnose the problem, prescribe a solution, and then undertake strict methods of implementation to see if the problem is fixed. It might take a few goes – like Doctors sometimes do. it might take a specialist. But it definitely is vital and you get what you pay for.

But sometimes, especially to untrained eyes, it’s hard for people to see. They don’t see the skill required to make it happen. A result is that the work of design doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Sometimes it doesn’t get the pay it deserves.

This matters to you now as well. Because YOU are a designer, no matter what you think you do.

Here’s the best video I’ve seen on key design issues, like Gettin’ Paid with Mike Monteiro

If you find this inspiring, then I reckon you should go and check out the sessions he’ll be doing later this month in Melbourne.