Crazy facts from the technium to blow your mind

Kevin Kelly

What’s the technium you ask? Coined by the great mind of Kevin Kelly he defines it as the human-technology relations and argues that technology is the emerging seventh kingdom of life on earth. A giant force which is “the greater, global, massively interconnected system of technology vibrating around us.”

Wow, so now we know what that is let’s consider these facts:

  • There are 5000 naturally occurring minerals. Yet, we’ve manufactured over 1000 artificial minerals.
  • We’re reshaping our geological world and currently lay more than 10 billion tonnes of concrete per annum.
  • During early 2000’s internet cable was being laid faster than the speed of sound (343 meters per second)
  • Information is growing at 66% per annum. The worlds store information doubles every 13 months.
  • All the sensors we are developing for the Internet of Things (IoT) replicate & improve human sensing capabilities. All just sense what humans can sense.
  • In 2008 there were already more things than people connected to the internet.
  • There’ll be more than 50 billion such sensors in the next 5 years.
  • We don’t know exactly how many miles of road we have, how much fresh water, or how many schools because it’s all changing so fast.
  • 75% of all energy consumed on earth is to the support the machines we’ve made (that power the technium), rather than us humans directly.
  • 7% of the energy we use is just for running the internet.
  • When visualised, the nature of this change represents a nuclear explosion.
  • The technium itself (the system we live inside of) is a super organism, much like the Great Barrier Reef. We build and maintain it, and also depend on it for our own existence – but we can’t really see it or know how it operates.

We are literally building a computer around ourselves – a super technological organism.

It’s worth listening to where this information comes from – it will open your mind to the world you are actually living in – The Technium Unbound podcast here. 

You should totally read my book – The Great Fragmentation.