Your startup needs to get punched in the face

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Heavy weight thug Mike Tyson has some advice for startup founders:

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Your plan is a fantasy, the ring is the market. Once you enter the market you will get punched in the face. Even though it hurts, this punch is your friend. It serves reality and you’ll have iterate, fast. Now the truth is here it is time to dance around the ring, gather some strength, dodge the next punch, find some space, and throw a couple of jabs. You might even make a few connections.

As entrepreneurs, we have to get in the ring and get hurt. We have to survive in the real world. Not hide in training…. planning for some imagined reality, working on the product, perfecting everything so it is just right. Things will never be ready. The best laid plans are those made during the battle.

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