The surprising price increase of Televisions


It seems like the price of televisions have come down a lot in recent years. Early flat screen TV’s cost tens of thousands of dollars. But when we stop and think, the truth is the exact opposite. Yes, the amount of money needed to buy a TV has never been lower, but the cost to watch one has never been higher.

Yes, right now is the time when how we use our ‘spare amount of it’ has never been more important. The cost of watching traditional TV, could be many thousands of dollars in opportunity cost. It has never been easier to learn anything for free, right now with other screens at our disposal. The skills we may learn could be those people pay a premium for…. they could be the informal and emerging skills that didn’t get covered in school. Any of us, could transform ourselves and our lives at the whim of re-allocating some of our down time.

While we always think about how cheap something is to buy, a better approach is to think about how expensive it is to use.

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