Are you making money the cool way, or the uncool way?

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There are two ways to generate lots of money – metaphorically, that is.

The first way is through service to the many. 

The second way is at the expense of the many.

Put simply, we need to effect lots of people to generate lots of money. The theme for both of these is the same, but the methods are very different.  The second way is through taking advantage of people – their weaknesses, their disadvantages, their social status, their education levels…. To this day, in this modern world I could still name hundreds of legal businesses which choose the second path. Ashley Madison comes to mind immediately. They are facilitating heart ache and pain for many married people. I’d put tobacco and poker machines in these categories too, while this startup, is simply immoral. Sure, they claim to be providing a service people want, but they’re really just making themselves money at the expense of others. Not cool.

The curious thing about doing business the second way, is that while they might make lots of money, they’ll never be truly ‘rich’.

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