Design Help Needed

I’m currently working on 4 new startups….. With various co-founders. One with my wife (launching soon) and 3 with a mate of mine called Gus.

I believe one of these startups will be pretty big, I’m just not sure which one yet. Yes, I know I’m suffering of delusions of grandeur, but if we didn’t believe things could work out for us, then why get out of bed each morning?

What are they:

  • A surfing technology startup – We already have Alpha tested with great success. (iOS)
  • A world first crazy interesting e-commerce opportunity – this has global viral potential built into it. (web & iOS)
  • Gov 3.0 – taking democracy from indirect representation to direct populace decision making. (iOS)

What we currently need is someone with UI & UX design skills (mobile and desktop) to help the visual side of the development process. If this person can code that would be an advantage, but we are really after the design guru as we already have a back end team in place.

We want the same person to work on these 3 design challenges with us. We figure it is about a months work. So we would hire this person for a month with a total project fee for the 3 outcomes we are after. We’d like the person to be local (In the Melbourne area) but this is not Mandatory. It could be a nice opportunity for a gun designer student to build their portfolio, or it might be something a more experienced person who can knock over in a much shorter timeline for the same fee? We are open to people’s ideas. But rad small screen design is the key…. We are open to peoples proposal’s on how / where / why they want to work with us.

You’ll get to work with two radically nice blokes (me and Gus) and get some good startup science into your brain as a bonus. Oh, and you might be part of something that goes viral and big. I should know I’ve had my fair share of stuff that got global attention!

Hit us up on Twitter me here: @sammartino or Gus here @gusbalbontin

Giddy up.