Secret life success ratio no one talks about

Go Giver

We are told a couple of things in life. The first in the capitalist economy is to go out and be a Go Getter. We’re told to take what’s rightfully ours. To accumulate as much as possible and generally try and have more and be better. It seems now that social media tries to push this idea further. We are not really sharing our posts, we are pushing ourselves. Trying to see if we can get more recognition and kudos for what we know, what we saw and sometimes what we made. It’s not very giving, it’s really more an act of taking. Taking other peoples time and resources for our own benefit. We are being go getters…  It’s not our fault, we got indoctrinated to do it.

What if we flipped it? What if we took notice of how much we gave, rather than how much we get? And I’m not talking out our mythical ‘post success period’ some time in the future when we share our money with charities and altruistic venture. I’m talking about right now. No matter what our economic status. And here’s a simple life hack to do it.

Keep track of your give to ask ratio. Try and make it 10/1. Help others 10 times before you ask for help. It makes life a whole let better for all of us. The cool thing is when you give help and resources to others 10 times as often as you ask, when it’s your turn, you generally only have to ask once.

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