My smart phone killer app is…

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.16.40 pm

…One which was already installed on my phone when I got it. It isn’t weather. It isn’t the web browser. It isn’t stocks, music, phone, mail or messages. But after paying attention for more than a week to which function I used most often on my phone, it surprised me to find out I use this the most.

The clock.

Yep, I take the phone out of my pocket to check what the time is. I use this more often than any other function on my phone. So for me, it is the killer app. And here is what is killer about it. When I do this, I unfortunately feel compelled to check out some other stuff while I’m looking at it:

“Has anyone tweeted me?”

“Are there any missed calls while it was silent?”

“What’s happening on my instagram feed?”

“What’s the surf like this weekend?”

Checking the time is a habit I formed even before the personal computer revolution…it takes me way back to grade school. It’s an old habit with a new solution. But what it does, it opens up related revenue streams and usage occasions. It’s another perfect reminder that we are far more likely to succeed when we leverage existing behaviour.

New book – The Great Fragmentation – out now!