Sack Your Boss – Wednesday night

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The thing that I’ve learned in the past 10 years more than anything else, is how transferrable many of our skills are. I started out my career working in the FMCG industry – Fast Moving Consumer Goods – think supermarket style brands. And while I chose to stay in the industry for more than 10 years, when I decided to leave, and even applied for jobs in other industries I kept getting the same barriers put up in front of me. The HR people and recruiters would say:

“They are after someone which the industry X experience”.

Even the surfing Industry rejected me twice given I hadn’t worked in it already, even though I lived the life and had the all marketing experience in the world – their loss.

I got defined by where I had been, rather than what I was capable of, or heaven help me, actually passionate about. But there is also one little truth to this that they never mention when we’re told we don’t have the right background. And that is this viewpoint and decision is entirely about them. It’s about their needs to simply fill a hole. It’s about their needs to justify a recruitment decision simply. It’s about them not wanting train you or, heaven help us, actually teach you something. In short this so called industry experience requirement is about making their life easier. It has nothing to do with us.

But here’s the upshot – there are some simple techniques to ‘Sack Your Boss’. I know, I’ve done it a number of times. And once you hear some stories about how you can transition to becoming an entrepreneur or a different career path, you’ll feel inspired. So we are running an intimate event on how to do exactly that. There are only a few seats, it’s small by design so we can deep dive. I’ll be sharing my story as will Ben Rowe on how we escaped the tyranny of consumer goods. But the stories will resonate no matter where you work.

Come along and have a drink and a chat. It’s this wednesday night in Melbourne CBD at the Hub, it’s free, and should be a fun little night.

You can register here. See you there.