Five for Friday v4

Here’s 5 pieces of information that got me thinking this week. Reading, viewing and listening pleasure for the impending weekend. Enjoy!

1. Are you suffering from Stuffocation? Author James Wallman takes about it here at Google.

2. Another reminder that the future is phygital – Both physical and digital have a place. One is not superior to the other. In fact, they are better together.

3. Crowdfunding the more important things in humanity – scientific research. Seems more important to me than a tricked up cooler. There’s hope for the internet yet.

4. This is BIG – Estonia has just become first country to allow for e-citizens. Just like corporations basing themselves in low-cost markets, humans can now do it too. Welcome to the Sans Nation State economy.

5. Isaac Asimov essay reveals the true secret of creativity – it’s about the cross connection. And guess what, creative industries and people don’t have a monopoly on it.

Yours in learning, Sammatron3000.