Five for Friday v2

Ok – here are 5 things I’ve seen (not all new) which have kept me awake at night wondering about life:

1. Forget entering the Matrix, it is being built around us, right now. In fact, you’re already in it. The ever clever Cory Doctorow tells an incredible story about the world the computational cage being built around us. Watch here, it’s a must. And you’ll rethink privacy forever after.

2. Ideas actually look like something, they have a shape, seriously. This mind blowing Ted talk reveals the physics of ideas and what makes them possible.

3. If you think pace of change is speeding up – you’re right. Read this inspiring post by the guys at Future Crunch. They summarise our new world superbly and demystify why technology matters so much now.

4. Liquid metal man from terminator 2 just became a realityRead & see here how the technology that makes it possible just arrived. I’m sure it will be back.

5. Payments via phones & social media is a big deal. Read here why traditional banks and credit card companies might worry just a little. A classic case of today’s collaborator potentially becoming tomorrow’s competitor.

These stories that make it clearer than ever for me that we are all in the technology startup business now.