Five for Friday

Starting this week my posts on Friday will be 5 cool things to read, listen to or watch over the weekend. So here it is the inaugural  5 for Friday. Enjoy!

1. Podcast with Kevin Kelly: Best podcast I’ve heard in a while – 3 part series with polymath Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine. Here he is hosted by Tim Ferris. I learned a ship load from this.

2. Why leaders eat last: A great talk by Simon Sinek who finally uncovers why we are so disgusted with Bankers earning bazillions and the truth about what the deal is with leaders. Inspiring and jaw dropping anthropological story telling.

3. Why we should, stop what we are doing and get involved in bitcoin – Nice summary of why it is such an exciting space. here we need to remember that all currency is ‘made up by people’. In fact, each form of currency closely replicates the technology of the time. Coins in the bronze age, fiat currency spread at the dawn of the industrial age. And so it is the time of a digital currency.

4. The top 10 business secrets in the world. All but one of these is a reminder that the thing that makes these firms win is not the secret itself, but the myth. To me these prove success has many moving parts in the marketing mix, the secret sauce is rarely one of them.

 5. A podcast on The truth about idea generation – and even some information on how to get some and what to do with them. Via that amazing podcast #BBB.

New book – The Great Fragmentation – out now.