The most important choice you'll ever make

Is happiness.

I feel pretty up most of the time. Right now I’ve never been better and I say this honestly with very little certainty in many of my projects.  I say it because I believe in the future and believe in reward for effort and karma helping out nice people.

But above all, happiness is a choice. At all times. We’ll be as happy as we chose to be. Right Now. Not at some point in the future. Right now, today at this very moment. In fact, I believe that happiness is an intellectual choice. Because the future never arrives, ever. It is always in the future. So in reality, happiness is an intellectual challenge in understanding our human reality. An intelligence test of sorts.

Be intelligent, chose to be happy.


3 Comments The most important choice you'll ever make

  1. MakeSales

    It IS a choice!
    Grateful for all who have taught me techniques and methods to make that choice easier.
    I LOVE being happy! Isn’t it ironic that when we are happy things keep getting better and when others choose to be sad things keep getting worse for them!

  2. samotage

    Can’t be happy unless one can experience sadness. It’s like day and night, yin and yang etc. Our modern everyone gets a trophy for showing up is wrong, and misleading.

    The important thing I believe is contrast – startup is never all happy. There is a lot of up and down.

    FWIW, the olden times definition of happiness is derived from that, happenings of doing things.

    Sam, @samotage

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