Old Words, New Images

I happened upon this video on a simple youtube recommendation. Digital serendipity. And given the title was The Greatest Speech Ever Made I decided to click in and watch.

Yes, I had heard the speech before, but what resonated with me was the newness of much of the imagery. And that it’s relevance is only more poignant today. Yes, it was a little sad, but it did remind me that the digital revolution we are living through is probably our final chance to take back control for everything BIG in our world. Big government, Big business, Big finance, Big X. Not to shut them down, not that they are evil, but that we can actually decide our own future with digital tools of aggregation. That we can self organise the social and economic structures we desire given that tools are available to everyone sometimes cheaply, and more often for free. New eco systems are required where decentralisation and democratization is the template. These wont be created by anything big, they will only ever be created by new and small things – us.

Let’s not miss the revolution and make sure that we don’t hand over control to policy makers and the NSA.

If we don’t take action now, we wont be able to action later. Don’t just watch, care enough to create. The TV can wait.




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