Strange Project

I was thinking about someone doing a project where they give themselves to others for a year via twitter.

Each day or week they are available to help someone (person, SME, startup) for free to do anything so long as it is legal. The only price will be that it is able to be documented.

Or maybe this: sell their labour a week at a time on eBay and see what the starting price is (early on in the year) and what it becomes towards the end of the year based on the value they add, or social followers they acquire during the process. But again, it would be documented.

If someone wants to do this, be this person – then hit me up. Would make a cool documentary or something…

I’m not joking.



  1. Gary Vaynerchuk is doing something along these lines this year. He is doing a project he is titling “1 a day Q & A” where anyone can sign up to interview him any day of the year. (

    Although it will be massive for him in terms of self-promotional, it is also really helpful to the bloggers and site owners he answers questions for.

    I’m interested to see how this project goes.

  2. That’s a very interesting idea! Will your project just involve one person helping others? Or will you have different people helping others in various categories, say maybe a volunteer for math lessons, relationship advise, etc)? Looking forward to updates!

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