Do you still do it?

Lately I’ve been considering the some of the things that I have done in the past. Two things which stand out to me at the moment:

  1. Languages I have learned. (Italian & Mandarin)
  2. All the km’s I ran last year in a quest for better fitness.

Both are things of which I had a level of proficiency I was proud of. Both are not at an acceptable level at present. Both have largely evaporated.

The lesson here is that we shouldn’t confuse the things that can be done, with the things that must be practiced. For me this is another simple yet powerful reminder that we are a function of what we do, rather than the story of what we have done.


One comment

  1. Completely agree, I’ve been facing similar thoughts on the languages I have let lapse & the arts & crafts I no longer do – musical instruments, knitting, developing photos. As for running, I tell everyone – don’t stop, it’s so hard to start again!

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