Re-introducing boredom

I feel like my brain is seriously with being overloaded with data. To the point where I am becoming addicted to it. I am constantly seeking the next idea, the next great blog post, and the next piece of technology news. And now I feel like my brain needs a bit of rest. Not from sharing ideas, or continuing my projects, but during my down times. My down times have sadly becoming momentary bridges of media consumption – there is no ‘down’. Whether it is checking my tweet stream, checking into foursquare and perusing instagram, it just feels like I am bombarded with other peoples thoughts. So here’s what I am going to do.

I’m actually going to ‘re-introduce boredom’ to my life.

So instead of checking my twitter stream while I wait in line, or read in bed until my last waking moment, I’m going to give my brain a rest and let it just be. Let nothing exist.  Let my brain do what it wants, not what I want it to do (oxymoron?)… and just see what happens and where it leads me…. just be a little less demanding on my brain and see if it likes it better. Might be worth a try for all of us to avoid the overload for a while.

Love Stevie.


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  1. Oli

    Keen to hear how that goes for you. Had similar thoughts the other day when I realised… I don’t ever switch “off”. Can’t be healthy.

  2. Steve Sammartino

    Agree Oli – I feel like I need to just stare into space…. I’ll post about it in a week. I also turn off every email alert I used to get. I have none now. So far it feels quite refreshing.


  3. George and Isha

    The same goes here. I’ve found myself doing the ‘final’ social media check at night in bed before I got to sleep as well as the ‘first’ social media check as soon as I wake up. Beginning and ending the day with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc… definitely not healthy. I think your point of introducing boredom is paramount to our brain’s longevity and productivity. I’d love to see the scientific studies on this topic after they have extensively researched it. But for now… time to suspend our minds in nothingness for a bit.

  4. Steve Sammartino

    There must be some studies on the ‘optimum’ levels of brain activity, and like physical exercise I’m sure rest is needed….

    I’m going to dig around the web and look for some research on it. Good suggestion.

  5. Ender Baskan

    I think there’s a few ways to go about it.
    Either make it physically impossible – take walks/runs/cycles and leave your phone behind, take lots of showers, go for a swim…etc. The best ideas and solutions often come in these moments, when the brain is porcessing… it makes leaps and connects things.

    Or retreat into manual tasks. The other day I pulled apart my bike, cleaned and greased it, and put it back together. It was completely refreshing.

    Good luck my friend!

  6. Leon

    I look forward to you sitting quietly and just thinking next time I see you. No singing, no shouting, no pointing at me, just calm contemplation.

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